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The Big 5 Tools of Local Lead Generation

Every profession has it's toolbox - a carpenter has his saw and hammer; a hair stylist has her scissors; a teacher, her chalkboard. And it's no different for local lead generation.


These are the Big 5 Tools that we use to generate leads; they comprise the most effective means to generate internet traffic! If your goal is to get your phone to ring off the hook, these tools will get you there.

  • Facebook Ads

    Facebook is the biggest social network available today - by far. With almost 3 Billion people on the platform, you can be absolutely positive that your ideal clients and customers are using the platform as well. With the ability to target ads by interest group and geo-location, Facebook tops our charts for useful lead generation tools. 

  • Google Ads

    Just like Facebook dominates the social network realm, Google dominates Search. Google receives approximately 63,000 searches per second. Each and every day. This means that at any given time you can be sure someone is searching for your service on Google. Which is great for us lead generators! Google Ads allows us to place our clients listings on the top of the search results. For this reason alone, Google Ads have become a mainstay in our lead generation arsenal. 

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Google isn't the only beast on the block when it comes to Search. Bing and Yahoo are other contenders. But none of them will show your listing on their search results unless you give their search algorithms what they want. We modify our websites to be SEO optimized, so that FREE traffic comes our way. Why pay for traffic when you can get it for free?  

  • Google My Business

    It's almost guaranteed that you've Googled for a specific type of restaurant and some point in your life. When you did so, you undoubtedly chose one of the restaurants that just-so-happened to pop up on the top of the search listings. Well, that same principle applies to every other business out there. When people search for your service, we make sure you get on the front page of Google Maps.

  • Kartra

    What's the point of internet traffic if it goes to an unfriendly looking website? We use the best-in-class website development tool, Kartra, to develop clean, crisp websites that are built for one thing and one thing only - conversions. We want your phone to ring, so our websites are geared towards just that.

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