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Get More of a Specific Type of Client or Project

In every profession, there's always that "holy grail" of projects or clients - e.g. the type of client or project that everyone wants more of.


So how to you attract more of those "holy grail" projects? It's not as hard as you think.


To make this article more practical and applicable, I am going to use Kitchen and Bath projects for Home Remodelers as an example. This is only to illustrate the point - these tactics can be used for ANY specific type of client or project you'd wish to attract.


So here we go!


The Setup


Kitchen and bath remodel projects tend to be seen as the holy grail of remodel jobs - they're high-ticket (aka they make you more money), they tend to allow the greatest creativity in design, and they have the greatest impact on your client's life.


So how do you, as a contractor with impeccable remodel skills, get more kitchen and bath remodel projects?


Here are 3 actionable steps you can take to acquire more of those kitchen and bath remodel projects you've been looking for.

Step Zero - Do Good Work and Ask For Referrals

Ok, so technically this list is going to be "5 Ways to Get More Kitchen & Bath Remodel Projects as a Contractor". This first tip is so obvious we didn't want to include it, but it's also one of the most powerful ways to get more of the projects you want. So we have to at least mention it.

People talk. Period. When you do a superb job on a clients kitchen and bath project and ask for a referral, the next time their cousin Bob mentions he's thinking about remodeling his bathroom, they'll say "Bob, you NEED to go with these guys. They did my bath and it looks amazing!"


So don't overlook the power of referrals. They work.

Step One - Brand Yourself as a Kitchen & Bath Contractor

If you want more of a specific project, it helps tremendously to put the actual project type in your company name. Why is this? Besides the obvious name recognition, having the project type in your name helps in the wonderful world of online search.


When people start searching for a contractor, one of the first places they'll go is Google. Specifically, they'll search "[Project] in [City]" and look on Google Maps for a potential contractor. A company named "Joe's Kitchen & Bath" will get more impressions and clicks for kitchen and bath projects than "Joe's Remodel".

Step Two - Use Google Ads to Market Specifically for Kitchen and Bath

As we mentioned in Step One, one of the first things people will do when looking for a contractor is go to Google and search "[Project] in [City]". How do you take advantage of this little fact? Run Google Ads.


If Google Search was a grocery store chain, Google Ads would be like paying to have your service placed on the eye level shelf in the aisle labeled "remodel contractors". Running Google Ads will place your website or phone number in the top search position exactly when someone is actively searching to buy the service. It is an immensely powerful tool for targeted traffic and calls.

Step Three - "Go Live" on Facebook & LinkedIn

"Going Live" on Facebook and posting videos on LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful way to both showcase your companies abilities and connect with your customers.


There are two reasons for this:


First, Facebook as a company wants it's users to go Live, so when you do so your Live video will have a greater reach than if you were to just post with your personal or company page (you can go Live as your page too!).


Second, video simply is more engaging than text or images! People love watching videos, so posting one will create more "engagement" than a simple text or picture post. And more engagement means more reach.


So how do you do this? Pretty simple. Before, during and after a project, simply walk through the project and explain what you see! Obviously you'll have to make sure the client is OK with this, but doing so is a very simple and effective way to show your skills and connect with your audience.

Step Four - Hire a Lead Gen Company to Get You More Kitchen & Bath Projects

Finally, if all of the above sounds like too much to handle, there are a handful of companies out there that can help. Companies like ours at Get Clients Quick have mastered the ability to get businesses the projects & clients they actually want to take on, so you don't have to go it alone.


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