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Unsure of what to do next in your marketing efforts? Want to hear a clear solution straight "from the horses mouth"? Hire our founder, Gabe Petersen, for a 1 hour consult or 3 day, hour long working sessions.


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Start with a plan to succeed.

Real luxury is not working like a maniac to take an expensive vacation--it is living a life you enjoy every day.”

  • Learn From The Best

    Benefit from all of Gabe and GCQ's experience - Gabe has worked as a Fortune 500 Management Consultant for 7 years and run a digital marketing agency for 4 years.

  • No BS, Future-Proof Solutions

    When you sign up for a consulting session, we'll identify your biggest pain points and come up with a comprehensive, actionable plan to get you from point A to point B.

1 Hour Consult

  • 1 Hour Session

  • Single Solution Focus

  • Leave With A Plan


one time fee

3 Day / 3 Hour Working Sessions

  • 3 Days, 1 Hr Ea.

  • Full-Range Consult

  • Leave With A Plan


one-time fee

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