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Gabe Petersen

Hi. My name is Gabriel Petersen (just call me Gabe), and I am the founder of Get Clients Quick.


I first want to thank you for stopping by our website - I know your time is incredibly valuable (it's all there is!), so I appreciate you spending it here. I promise not to waste it.


A bit of a background about me: I started my career as a Fortune 500 Management Consultant and after 7 years of working in the giants of the business world decided to hang my own shingle doing what I had come to love - helping small and mid-sized companies grow their businesses by generating local leads, quick. 

I had started down the road of lead generation after launching a side business in eCommerce and becoming a MASTER at generating targeted traffic. Shortly thereafter, I was approached by a company asking if I could use what I learned in eCommerce to generate leads and sales for their business. I agreed, and within a single week had generated over 50 leads that resulted in 4 brand new clients for their company!


Being able to actually see how I had helped what would become my first ever client was a career enlightening experience for me. I was hooked. Within a few short months I had left my consulting job and started Get Clients Quick.


We are now a team of marketing professionals from across the world dedicating our time to helping small and mid sized business owners generate leads & clients (like you!), so you can focus on what really matters - growing your business, working your craft, giving value to your clients, spending time with loved ones, and generally enjoying life.


I look forward to speaking with you, and hope you have a fantastic week.



What We Believe and How We Can Help

I'd like to take a moment to share our philosophy on business and why we choose to do what we do.


It is our deeply held belief that the purpose of any business is to help people lead better, more enriching lives. Whether you run a home inspection business, a real-estate brokerage, or a marketing firm, your purpose is serving others.


We also believe that everything in business is relationships. When you help your client reach his or her goal, you're creating a relationship. You're giving your time and skills to enhance that person's life, leaving a positive mark in their mind and soul.


And that is exactly why we do what we do.


Our gift to you, our client, is not only business growth via new clients and customers - our real gift to you is the gift of time and peace of mind.


How do we give you time and peace of mind? Simple: We get customers and clients to pick up their phone and give you a call, so you don't have to go chasing for the next project. And not just any client - we find those specific people who are EAGER to hire someone with your specific skill set. And we do it fast.


When we serve our clients, we do so with the knowledge that by us bringing you clients and customers, you have more time to give your gift to your clients and families. With more time on your hands and the confidence that new clients are coming into your business without you having to lift a finger, your stress will lessen.


We feel honored to be part of our clients stories and to take part in their success and the impact they're making on their communities.


So let's get out there and grow your business!

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