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3 Ways To Attract Clients & Customers Organically

One of the easiest ways to generate new clients and customers is to hire a firm like ours at Get Clients Quick to do it for you, or to spend money on ads you run yourself.


Even so, many business owners prefer the face-to-face connection they get when they speak to their customer in person. 


If you believe you fit into that category, then this blog post is for you. And it starts with going back to the basics.


What you understand deep down is that clients and customers aren't a separate species. They're people. And when two people interact, it's a relationship. We all acquired the "tools" to generate leads and get new clients and customers way back in our elementary days when we were first learning how to make friends.


So what do you need to do to grow your business organically? Go out and make some friends.


It's as simple as that. 


Here are 3 time-tested ideas you can implement today to get started building relationships with your potential customers:

Referral Partnerships

During our day to day work and life interactions, we all come across people who need help, but don't need OUR help. So what if you offered your services to compensate for a gap in the services of another?


With referral partnerships, all you need to do is find someone who also deals with your ideal client or customer, and offer them to exchange referrals.


For instance, anytime a person buys a home or does a major remodel to their current house, they are going to need an inspection done. This is the seeds of a great relationship between realtors and inspectors. If you're an inspector, talk to any realtor you know and offer a referral swap! When the realtor comes across a buyer who needs an inspection done to their house, they'll recommend your company. And when you do an inspection on a house that is going to be sold, you can recommend the realtor.


That is just one example - this model can be used in pretty much any service based business. Just find the complimentary roles out there!

Public Appearances

Talking in front of groups and offering your knowledge for free is one of the easiest and best ways to drum up new business.


Whatever it is you do, you're bound to be an "expert" on that topic compared to most everyone else. So go out there and share your knowledge! Sticking with the inspector / realtor theme - if you're an inspector, go find a realtor who is putting on a workshop and offer to conduct a "things you need to know when buying a house" class for free.


Believe me, you'll be surprised at how much interest will come from public appearances.

Networking Groups

This one is so often looked over, but it is INCREDIBLY effective for service based businesses. And it's damn simple - just get out and shake some hands!


With services like, there's no shortage of networking opportunities out there. Search for ones that are relevant to your niche. If you're a home inspector, go network with realtors and let them know you're looking for work!


When it comes to offline lead generation, the opportunities are nearly endless. You just need to keep trying.


Doubts will creep in. Don't listen to them. Networking, public speaking, and referral partnerships DO work. So don't give up.

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